How to stay cool in a heatwave: Mywalit’s tips for a comfortable a summer under the Tuscan Sun

Keeping Cool with Colour: Beat the Heat with MYWALIT

With Europe gripped by a relentless heatwave, at MYWALIT, we understand the need for comfort and style. So, we’ve curated a list of top tips for how to stay cool in a heatwave so you remain comfortable, stylish, and effortlessly elegant if you visit Lucca this scorching summer.

Seek Shade in Lucca

If you’re visiting our hometown, Lucca, seek out the city’s shady spots amongst the many narrow streets. This Tuscan gem offers charming alleys and historic sites where you can beat the heat. Marvel at the stunning architecture of San Michele in Foro or find respite near the city walls. Remember to visit us at MYWALIT on Via Fillungo or within the walls of the Ancient amphitheatre!

Add Style with a hat!

Wearing a hat is a stylish and practical way of staying cool in a heatwave and protecting yourself from the sun’s potent rays. Adding this touch of style keeps you fashionably shaded throughout the day.

Hydrate in Style

Keeping hydrated is crucial on hot summer days and every day! In Lucca, Take a reusable water bottle out with you and in the walled town, you’ll never be short of fresh, delicious water to quench your thirst, even in the hottest summers!! Lucca’s charming water fountains are treasured gems scattered throughout the city. They offer a much-needed taste of pure spring water, making them a refreshing and sought-after resource for locals and visitors!

Escape to the Ligurian Coast

Plan a refreshing seaside retreat to the stunning Ligurian coast. Only a short car or train journey from Lucca and with breathtaking beaches and vibrant towns, it’s the perfect place to cool off. Remember to bring your MYWALIT bag from our Liguria Collection. This collection’s sunshine hues and ocean blues take inspiration from this most beautiful region of Italy.

Travel Light, Travel Bright with MYWALIT

Our lightweight Rio bags and travel organisers, worn cross-body, are perfect for carrying summer essentials and remaining hand free. These bags keep your valuables secure, keeping you safe and comfortable while staying chic!

Lightweight Style and comfort

The Rio is your take-everywhere bag that won’t weigh you down unnecessarily in the blistering heat! Small but mighty in vibrant, bold and bright colours. The lightweight bag features a fun knotted leather feature instead of traditional metalwork to ensure it’s as light as a feather.

Get organised for hands-free security

Our travel organisers are essential travel companions – make sure to leave home with one! A must-have accessory for all explorers. The fun and functional travel organisers keep essentials organised, safe and sound so you can concentrate on the important part – having fun! Our versatile travel pieces are expertly crafted from premium leather and offer style, functionality, and security.

Opt for breathable fabrics to stay cool in a heatwave.

Beat the heat with smart fashion choices which can significantly impact your comfort during a heatwave. Opt for breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton, the perfect blend of comfort and style. Choose lighter shades, particularly neutrals and whites, which reflect sunlight, helping you stay cool for a chic yet relaxed summer look.

MYWALIT, known for its extensive range of colours, offers bags in neutral shades too! Check out the soft taupe tones of the FUMO colour, perfect for a chic summer look. Want a pop of colour? Pick a bright MYWALIT bag contrasting your neutral outfit for a standout style. In essence, whether it’s a subtle or bold style you seek, MYWALIT has you covered.

Embrace the power of sunscreen.

Don’t let the sun play havoc on your skin! Use sunscreen, and not just in the summer months! Our secret beauty weapon 365 days a year is quality sunscreen. Regular application shields your skin, keeping it happy and healthy. Have you got a handy MYWALIT bag? Tuck a travel-sized sunscreen bottle in there, and you’ll never be unprotected under the sun. Keep glowing, not burning!

Stay Active in the Early Hours

Heatwaves often mean unbearable midday temperatures. If you love to stay active, consider shifting your exercise routine to the early morning when temperatures are cooler. There’s nothing better than an early morning 5k jog or cycle ride around the walls of Lucca. If strolling through the shady, picturesque streets is more your thing, bring your MYWALIT bag to carry your essentials and add a pop of colour to your morning routine!

Embrace the Heat: Thrive in Style

Implement these tips to stay cool in a heatwave, and you will beat the heat and do so with grace, style, and individuality. As always, we encourage you to share your tips and experiences. Together, we can navigate this scorching summer with MYWALIT’s unique and vibrant style.

We want to hear your summer survival tips! Please share them in the comments below, and let’s beat this scorching summer together! Stay cool, colourful, and chic with MYWALIT.