Vibrant Travel Illustrations. SMILE FOR MYWALIT. Artist Spotlight: Nolwenn Denis from Nolwenn Studio

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Welcome to Smile for Mywalit, where we spotlight vibrant creatives who sprinkle joy and add a daily dose of colour to our lives with their creativity, energy and creations. Read on to meet Nolwenn and her vibrant travel illustrations.

Meet Nolwenn Denis

Today, we’re venturing off the beaten path to introduce you to a travelling artist who embodies the essence of inspiration and personal expression through colour. Nolwenn, the talent behind, is no ordinary artist; she is a passionate wanderer and colour enthusiast. Nolwenn artfully combined her passions: adventure and art, to produce bright and vibrant travel illustrations.

Nolwenn Denis

Capturing Vibrant Landscapes and Cultures: Nolwenn’s Artistic Journey through Illustrations and Murals

Nolwenn captures the essence of the new landscapes she visits and the vibrant people and cultures she experiences through her illustration and mural artworks. She uses pencils, watercolours, pastels, paints, and digital tools to translate her experiences onto paper and turns them into prints. She breathes life into her work through bold, vibrant colours and distinctive shapes.

Explore the World with Nolwenn: A Visual Journey of Vibrant Stories and Colourful Memories

Take a tour through’s Instagram page, and you’ll find yourself on a visual journey around the world. Every stroke tells a story, and every colour used is a bookmark from her travels. A memory she shares with the world through her creations. From the cobalt blue waters of the Mediterranean to the warm, ochre hues of a Moroccan souk. Every piece is a colourful love letter to a place that has left a mark on Nolwenn.

Vibrant Art Celebrating Diversity: Nolwenn’s Joyful Illustrations

In a world that can sometimes feel a bit grey, Nolwenn’s vibrant travel illustrations and paintings are a kaleidoscope of joy, emotion, and vibrancy. Her work is an inspiring reminder that there is beauty in the diversity of our world. Her use of colour celebrates different cultures and places and brings joy and positivity.

Nolwenn’s illustrations and paintings

In Conversation with Nolween: A Glimpse into Her Artistic Journey

We caught up with Nolwenn to ask her a few questions…

What are some of the most vibrant and colourful places you’ve visited that have influenced your artwork?
I lived for a few years in Colombia, which was the place that had the most influence on my work. Colombia has incredible diversity in its landscapes and the different cultures that make it up (indigenous, Spanish mestizos, Afro-descendants, etc.) The music, the dances, the vibrant colours, the landscapes… It’s all this diversity that has inspired me all this time.

A Brush With Italy

You recently visited Italy and the Cinque Terre. What were the highlights of your trip? Did you eat any good pasta?
Yes, last year I travelled to Italy with one of my sisters, and I went there mainly to visit the Cinque Terre! I was transported by the sweetness of life in these villages; despite the swarming of tourists, time seemed suspended. The facades, each more colourful than the other, the pretty boats here and there in the streets. The vineyards in the background give the feeling of walking in a postcard. Of course, I could not resist the food and tasted all kinds of curiosities! I love ice cream and gnocchi, so I was delighted!

How does your artwork capture the joy and happiness you experience while travelling?
I try to convey what I felt during my trip through my work. For example, for the Cinque Terre (I had no luck with the climate that day because it was raining), but at the same time, it gave this feeling of softness and slowness. The smell of the rain brought out that of the flowers, vines, and wood of the boats. That’s what I tried to convey, for example, in my illustration of “Manarola” by painting it with soft but vibrant colours at sunset. The Dolce Vita!

Illustration of Cinque Terre

From Moroccan Souks to Colourful Strokes: An Artists Journey

Can you share a memorable occasion or person from one of your travels that inspired a specific piece of art?
A few months ago, I travelled to Morocco, where I was immediately struck by its exoticism. Encountering the various smells, the heat, the thousand colours, the mosaics, earth landscapes, sand, and palm trees was incredibly transformative. Among these experiences, walking in the souk of Marrakech particularly stood out. Consequently, I felt compelled to recreate this place in my “Souk Marrakech” illustration, aiming to transport every viewer to that vibrant locale.

Do you have a favourite colour palette you tend to gravitate towards in your artwork or the clothes you wear? If so, what draws you to those specific colours?
Indeed I have a very present colour palette in all my illustrations composed of pink, yellow, turquoise and green. However, I do not paint to paint; I listen to my feelings. Sometimes I “need” yellow, I am attracted to everything yellow, so I paint works where yellow is very present. Such as my illustrations “Cartagena” and “la Palenquera” of Colombia. Colours have a therapeutic effect. I like to play with them to bring joy and a sense of well-being when looking at my work.

Cinque Terre: walking in a postcard

How do you hope your artwork brings joy and colour to people?
I paint to show the beauty of our planet, its landscapes, and its cultures and to transmit joy to those who look at my works. So, whether they remind you of travel memories or make you want to go there, the idea is to make you travel and dream.

We recently sent you a travel organiser from Mywalit in the Copacabana colourway to keep your essentials safe and secure when you’re on the go. Where will your travels take you next?
Thank you again for sending me this travel planner; it never leaves me, even in everyday life! It is practical and elegant and brings a vibrant touch with its pretty colours! It will follow me to Portugal, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Colombia, my next trips planned for the coming months.

Postcards from venice

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Whether you’re a lover of colour or an art enthusiast, Nolwenn’s vibrant travel illustrations at will surely make you smile. If you’re a fellow globetrotter or someone seeking a little daily sunshine, her work will undoubtedly spark joy. Her paintings are a beautiful testament to the power of creativity, the beauty of our world, and the transformative impact of colour on our lives.

So thank you, Nolwenn, for adding colour to our lives and making the world more vibrant, one painting at a time.

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