Staycation Extravaganza: 7 Vibrant Tips to Transform Your Home Holiday into a relaxing Summer Escape

Who says you need to travel far and wide to experience the joy and relaxation of a holiday? Ok, we admit, it’s easy for us to take a staycation with a backdrop as beautiful as Lucca, Tuscany. But The MYWALIT team understands that the best adventures can sometimes be found right on your doorstep. So, we’ve gathered our top tips to transform your holiday at home summer into a vibrant, unforgettable staycation. It’s the simple pleasure that makes life worth living.

1. Colour Your World

Start your staycation off with a burst of colour! Immerse yourself in vibrant hues with a MYWALIT seasonal bestseller. Our accessories, bursting with summer shades, are perfect for adding that festive touch to your holiday at home. A colourful new wallet or bag can uplift your spirits and infuse your days with the joy of summer and beyond.

MYWALIT seasonal bestseller
MYWALIT bestseller colours

2. Create a Sunny Oasis

You can still soak up all the summer vibes even if you don’t have a beach or pool nearby. Find a sunny spot in your garden, on your terrace, or even beside an open window. Set up a comfy chair, bring out your favourite book or playlist, let yourself soak in the sun and breathe… This sunny escape can make every moment of your staycation feel like a tropical getaway.

3. Transform Your Home into a Relaxing Retreat

Who needs a spa day when you can turn your home into a serene sanctuary. You could indulge in a soothing bubble bath with aromatic candles, soft music, and a fragrant bath bomb. Or create a peaceful corner for meditation or yoga and play a soundtrack with tranquil sounds like gentle waves lapping the shore.

Turn your home into a serene sanctuary
Relaxing retreat

4. Local Tourism: Rediscover Your Local Area

Take a day or two to be a tourist in your own city. Pull on those comfy shoes, grab your vibrant MYWALIT purse or a cross-body bag for hands-free ease, and explore your local attractions. Try a new restaurant or pack a picnic if you’re on a budget. Arrange to meet a friend for coffee for a proper catch-up. Visit a museum or the local library or discover an area of town you’ve never been to. Take a book to the local park and find a shady spot to rest and read. See your hometown through a fresh, curious lens, and you’ll be surprised at the hidden gems you can uncover!

Rediscover Your Local Area
Explore your local attractions with MYWALIT

5. Summer self care

A staycation is the perfect time to pamper yourself. Indulge in your favourite treats, whether a tub of your favourite gelato, a luxurious face mask, or a decadent home-cooked meal. If you can, don’t shy away from splurging on something special, like a stylish new wallet from MYWALIT that you’ve been eyeing.

6. Eat Alfresco And Host a Themed Night

Bring the spirit of different cultures to your home by hosting themed nights. Whether it’s a Spanish Paella, a Moroccan feast, or an Italian pasta night, these evenings can be fun to experience the world without leaving your living room. Dress up, prepare traditional dishes, and immerse yourself in the culture. Pour yourself an Apertivo and put together a sharing plate. Or, why not try making Pesto from scratch following our favourite recipe from @smallkitcheningenoa

Pasta al Pesto
Pasta al Pesto

7. Digital Detox: Unplug and Unwind

Turn off your devices and take a break from screen time and social media. Use this time to unwind and do things you love. Read that book you’ve been putting off, take up a new hobby, or simply enjoy the tranquillity.

By integrating these colourful tips into your summer plans, you can transform your stay-at-home period into a staycation that rivals any getaway. Even though you’re not jetting off to a distant location, you can create an atmosphere of joy, exploration, and relaxation right in your home.

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MYWALIT Summer Sale
MYWALIT Summer Sale

From creating a sunny oasis in your back garden to playing tourist in your hometown, the goal is to make the ordinary feel extraordinary. So here’s to a delightful staycation brought to life with vivid colours, meaningful activities, and, of course, a little help from MYWALIT.

Happy holidays! and remember, the best vacation is the one that makes You smile and brings you joy wherever you are!