Join the Fashion Revolution: Mywalit’s Social and Environmental Responsibility

The Fashion Revolution movement has stirred a global conversation about ethical, sustainable fashion and the responsibility we all share. At MYWALIT, we strive to align with these values, making sure buyers know “who made my bag.” We aim to offer more than just vibrant, colourful leather goods; we’re committed to creating a world that values people, the environment, creativity, and profits in equal measure.

A Journey with Our CEO Tom: Why Factory Visits Matter

Our CEO, Tom, recently took a hands-on approach to understanding the origins of our premium leather goods. During his visits to our producers in Vietnam and Thailand, he carried out a commercial audit focused on quality control, safety, development, and care for the people and the environment. These factory visits revealed how each step of the production process – from cutting and dyeing to stitching – is meticulously crafted to meet Mywalit’s high standards. His visit went beyond business.

Tom also enjoyed a game of football with the team at Orchid and tried his hand at precision glueing and stitching, embodying the warmth and community spirit that characterises our partner factories.

Orchid Bags: A Legacy of Quality

Our long-standing relationship with Orchid Bags goes back to the very beginning of Mywalit; they are part of our DNA. Additionally, Orchid follows ISO 26000 guidelines, evidence of their social responsibility practices. These guidelines represent our shared commitment to ethical work conditions and a reduced environmental footprint.

Understanding ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is an international standard that provides guidelines for social responsibility. It encompasses labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, community involvement, and human rights. Following this advice assures that Orchid is a socially responsible partner.

Meet the skilled artisans who bring the vibrant MYWALIT collections to life; in each image, our dedicated team members — from left to right: Sudarat and Jrin, Saipin and Jumpee — hold the affirming message ‘I made your bag,’ celebrating the personal pride and dedication that goes into every MYWALIT creation.

Commitment to Excellence with Sanhe

Sanhe, another dedicated producer, brings to the table LWG gold and silver certifications and a commitment to quality and ethical practice. Sanhe’s high leather production standards and ethical conduct perfectly mirror our values, making them a foundation of Mywalit’s product offerings.

The Significance of Leather Working Group Certification

The Leather Working Group (LWG) sets rigorous environmental compliance and performance capabilities for leather manufacturers. Additionally, The gold and silver certifications indicate a dedication to exceeding standards for environmental responsibility, setting a standard in the leather industry. They promote clarity and accountability through a commitment to ongoing improvement verified in the audit programme.

Enhanced Commitment Through Recent Audits and Corrective Action Plans

All factories we currently partner with in Thailand and Vietnam have recently experienced audits focusing on quality control, safety, development, and care for both people and the environment. In addition to the stringent assessments, Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) have also been implemented at these facilities. Their successful completion further aids our confidence in these factories’ ethical production and responsible sourcing standards, thereby solidifying our trust in their practices and affirming our mutual commitment to ethical production and responsible sourcing.

Ongoing Commitment to Improvement

Recent audits have verified that both Orchid and Sanhe take measures to identify and rectify quality and compliance issues. They display a commitment to delivering high-quality products and ethical practices. This promotes clarity and accountability, reassuring us about our commitment to responsible sourcing.

The audits guarantee the well-being of the skilled artisans who infuse life into our products. These craftspeople earn above the minimum wage and benefit from education and healthcare benefits. We proudly regard our producers as our ‘partners,’ showing the strong bonds and immense respect gained through years of working together.

Ethical from Start to Finish

We closely monitor our everyday practices from start to end product, including packaging. Furthermore, our suppliers meet ‘Best in Class’ standards, ensuring eco-friendly water treatment and chemical usage. Our aim is to continually improve our social and environmental impact.

Join Us in the Fashion Revolution, A Movement Towards a Brighter, More Ethical Future

In a world where fashion often prioritises aesthetics over ethics, Mywalit is committed to making a difference. We believe our vibrant and bright premium leather goods can coexist with ethical practices and environmental sustainability. Moreover, through audits, meaningful partnerships, and ongoing commitment to social responsibility, we strive to set an example. We invite you to join us on this journey because fashion doesn’t just have to look good—it should feel good knowing you’re helping to create a better, brighter world.
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