Visit Lucca with mywalit

For our Autumn / Winter collection this year, we designed a brand new colourway based upon the beautiful city we call home – LUCCA

The LUCCA collection takes its inspiration from our tuscan city in autumn. The season when the trees, on the walls that surround the city, turn from shades of green to glorious golden browns and the traditional tuscan buildings come alive, bathed in autumn sunshine.

Let us take you on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of our latest photo shoot, “Lost in Lucca” where we visited some of our favourite places in Lucca. From the traditional tourist ‘must sees’ to some hidden gems that we think are not to be missed. We hope these give you a real flavour of our home, LUCCA, located in the heart of Tuscany.

The Piazza Anfiteatro

Lucca Piazza Anfiteatro - Zipped Credit Card Holder Lucca
Zipped Credit Card Holder Lucca

Our first stop and arguably Lucca’s most famous and most instagrammable landmark: the Piazza Anfiteatro. The public square built on the site of an original Roman Amphitheatre, is a ring of buildings which houses shops and restaurants.
Within these circular walls you’ll find one of the two mywalit shops situated in Lucca. Be sure to pay a visit!

Explore The Side Streets

An amazing street in Lucca. Mywalit Versilia Boxy Bag Black Pace
Versilia Boxy Bag Black Pace

Don’t forget to look up, look down and explore the side streets! We found this amazing street with ivy creeping over the walls and around the doorways. The perfect backdrop for our new collection of leather bags and accessories.

Outdoor book market

Full of charm and character The Piazza San Giusto is slightly off the beaten track. Here you’ll find Piazzetta del Libro, an outdoor book market selling a range of comics in English and Italian.

The walls of Lucca

A must for all those visiting Lucca is to walk, run or cycle the tree lined walls that surround the city centre. Approx 4klong and particularly beautiful in Autumn. Hire a bike for 1, 2 or more! Sit a while on the numerous benches and enjoy the impressive views from these historic 16th Century walls, built to protect the city.

Doors full of character

Keep a lookout for all the interesting doors in Lucca. Full of character, some are painted, some metal or natural wood and all quite magnificent whether they conceal hidden courtyards, secret gardens, or modest private dwellings.

Piazza san Michele

Lucca piazza San Michele. Mywalit Travel Multi-Comp Travel Organiser Black Pace - Credit Card Holder with Coin Purse Seascape
Travel Multi-Comp Travel Organiser Black Pace – Credit Card Holder with Coin Purse Seascape

Sit, relax a while and take in the hustle and bustle in the Piazza San Michele and marvel in the wonder of the imposing church of San Michele in Foro. Romantic in style, with gothic elements, look up and you’ll see a huge marble statue of Archangel Michele defeating a dragon on the very top.

Once a monastery, the Convento di San Francesco is worth seeing if you’re in this part of town. The complex is now used for concerts, activities and for studies but you can visit part of the peaceful gardens, a perfect place for quiet reflection.

San Frediano Basilica

Lucca San Frediano Square. Mywalit Checkbook Holder/Wallet Lucca
Checkbook Holder/Wallet Lucca

Coffee with a view! In San Frediano Square, in the heart of Lucca, you’ll find the best coffee in the charming ‘Caffe Santa Zita’ which boasts a lovely outdoor terrace with fabulous views of San Frediano Basilica.

This small square, Piazza san Salvatore is worth a pit stop even just to fill your water bottle at the magnificent marble water fountain, Fontana Della Naiade. The water comes directly from the old aqueduct outside the city and is as fresh , cool and delicious as can be. Sit for a while on the purposefully painted red bench, a symbol against violence towards women.

Palazzo Pfanner

Lucca Palazzo Pfanner. Mywalit Laguna Shoulder Bag Lucca - Double Flap Purse/Wallet Lucca
Laguna Shoulder Bag Lucca – Double Flap Purse/Wallet Lucca

Historic Palazzo Pfanner seen here from the Lucca’s walls is a magnificent palace and garden, now converted into a museum of art and artefacts. The grounds are a perfect place to relax in and enjoy the flowers, trees and various statues that occupy the gardens.

Along Via Fillungo, the main shopping street in Lucca, you will find Mywalit. Here you can browse our incredible selection of colourful leather handbags, purses, wallets and leather accessories and maybe purchase a souvenir from your trip to Lucca!

We hope enjoyed being transported to our hometown in the heart of Tuscany. Maybe you’ll come for a visit one day?