Giving is Good: The Mywalit Foundation

At Mywalit we like to celebrate people and the actions they take to transform the lives of others. That’s why in 2017, we set up the Mywalit Foundation to support causes making positive change.The foundation awards grants to those that support the disadvantaged, focussing on international development and humanitarian issues.

At Mywalit we believe it’s important to look for the good in people.

We seek out the positive & find Joy in the little things – after all it’s the small things that one day become the big things. Mywalit takes great pride & pleasure in supporting causes in their journey to being a force for good and when you purchase from us, you’re becoming part of that journey –  doesn’t that feel amazing.

Recently, we’ve become all too familiar with the horrors of conflict.

A humanitarian crisis has arisen in Ukraine, families are displaced and in need of shelter, food and clean water.

Here, we highlight the work of some of the charities that have recently been supported by the Mywalit foundation. These charities are working tirelessly to help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Charities Supported by The Mywalit Foundation

The Good Samaritans Association in Romania are supporting the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
They provide refugees with emergency kits, small enough to be carried. The kits contain warm clothes, nappies, SIM cards, toiletries and other essential items.
Translators have been greeting refugees to hand out the kits along with water and leaflets to create awarenesss of the dangers of human trafficking.

They are currently focusing their assistance on the Ukrainian / Slovak border, helping find temporary homes in Slovakia. Funds are being used to purchase specific items in response to the identified needs of individuals. The charity is providing drinking water, medicines, safe accommodation and also psychological support.

The portal offers displaced families the opportunity to  reach out for the financial support and assistance to make a new start in Slovakia. It also helps those in need of money for medical health treatments.
The recipients receive the entire amount of money donated by individuals through the portal.

Magna supply healthcare for children in regions hit by epidemics, conflicts & disasters.In Ukraine they are providing direct, transparent and professional medical assistance by responding to the urgent need for healthcare, food, water and trauma treatment.
They have been distributing medicines, medical supplies and kits directly to healthcare centres and medical staff to enable urgent surgery and aid childbirths.
They are responding rapidly to medical emergencies and helping refugees secure basic health needs in bordering countries.

Grants from Mywalit

Mywalit Foundation

The Mywalit foundation offers financial support to qualifying causes through Mywalit Grants.Priority will be given to charities or projects that address poverty, education, health and conservation of the natural environment and to those providing humanitarian aid in times of crisis.

Applications are open year round on a fluid and flexible basis and granted at the discretion of the trustees.
Grant applications and enquiries can be made here