Stand out or be included? Here’s why you don’t have to choose one.

Our thoughts on standing out in a sea of normal.

Nobody likes everything to be the same. Just imagine a world where every person looked, spoke, thought and acted exactly the same way. There wouldn’t be an original thought or idea to be found; no special insight that every last one of us has to share. Or think of a world where you ate the same meal, wore the same clothes and did the same activities every single day!

So why, exactly, do we sometimes feel threatened by what’s different? Anyone who has an experience being ‘different’ to the norm (whether that’s because of your identity, where you’re from or simply how you see the world) knows how alienating it can be to feel like an outsider. Yet all of our movies, tv-shows and other bits of pop culture celebrate the weirdos, the odd-balls and the underdogs.

So what should we do? Stand out? Or simply blend into the crowd?

Being different: Something to hide or a celebration?

After sitting down with a few dozen cups of coffee and chatting amongst ourselves, we think we’ve come to a realization: you don’t need to change yourself to feel like you belong. And you don’t have to choose between standing out and being included.

We firmly believe that everyone, whoever they are, should be a part of our community. Our similarities aren’t important, it’s the connections that we make that are. We think it’s pretty important to look to the future, without forgetting our past. It’s up to us to build bridges, create connections and pave the way for a better tomorrow—together.

Below we’ll discuss just two examples of how our thoughts on improving our society influence the way we make our products.

Mywalit Black Pace Wallets

Black Pace

We like to draw inspiration from everywhere in our designs, and this might be best encapsulated in Black Pace.

During the design process, we were drawing heavily from the idea of equality and individualism. This is why the design features a sophisticated black cover, hiding a kaleidoscope of colors inside.

Mywalit Royal Wallets


With our connections to London, we’re no strangers to everything Royal. ‘But a monarchy isn’t inclusive!’ we hear you yell to your screen. And we agree! Which is exactly why this regal colored design exists.

We don’t think the past should be forgotten. The institutes of old were not open for change and inclusivity—much more in the past than today. We think things commonly associated with royalty should be reclaimed for our own use, for every day people (like us and you) to enjoy.

How we make Mywalit a better place

Our pledges to inclusivity don’t stop after our design process. We have people from all across the globe working at our Lucca Head Quarters as well as our London Office. We’re proud to be made up of a diverse range of people from many different backgrounds.

We also make use of in-house maternity schemes to help working mothers support their family.

And Mywalit isn’t just about inclusivity for people, we also love our four-legged friends as well. We encourage our colleagues to bring their fur babies to work whenever they like. We find that it puts everyone in a good mood, and it’s always a huge feast for whichever pet walks into the office. Of course, it’s not all just fun and games. We even like to get their input on the new colors for the next season.