Discover MYWALIT’s Liguria Collection. Top Picks from the MYWALIT Team

Dive Into Elegance

Sunshine-filled summer days and balmy evenings are made even brighter with MYWALIT’s Liguria Collection. Embodying the sun, azure sea, and captivating sunsets of one of Italy’s most romantic of regions, our spring-summer 23 collection, LIGURIA, brings cheerful and uplifting colours. Dive into the Liguria Magic and discover the beauty inspired by the picturesque coastline and the brilliant, azure-blue Ligurian sea of the Italian Riviera.

Favourites from The MYWALIT Team

MYWALIT’s Liguria Collection shouts Italian summer! We asked the MYWALIT team to choose their favourite bags from the collection. Lets dive in and see why our team loves these bags.

VERONA Small Grab Bag: Simple yet Stylish

The VERONA shines in calm Liguria Blue with bright pops of colour. Barbara picks it for its mix of elegance and versatility. Ideal for both beach trips and also city streets. Its unique shape, paired with deep pockets and MYWALIT’s signature brights, makes it a summer must-have. Barbara loves the unique, elegant shape – soft and sleek with luxurious leather and lastly the attention to detail. Whether you use its detachable strap or grab handles, the VERONA bag fits seamlessly into any chic summer outfit.
Why it’s a Top Pick: The Perfect Summer Essential It’s chic and super useful for any outing.

DUBAI: Day to Night-time Glamour

The DUBAI is all about summer days and THOSE summer nights. Denise loves its bright colour combo and the metal chain which adds a touch of glam. Compact and easy to pack for holiday, yet spacious for all day and night-out must-haves. Its LIGURIA Lagoon blue combined with Fuchsia details makes a statement. Denise swears by its elegance, especially the unique chain design. Not just a beauty, it’s also functional thanks to the top zip, external compartment, and pockets inside.
Why it’s a Top Pick: It’s super chic and stylish and practical whilst also glamorous for nights out and parties.

RIO Flapover: Your Carefree Companion

For those who prefer a lightweight yet vibrant bag, the RIO Flapover is a summer essential. Alexandra loves the cool LAGOON blue tone, reminiscent of the Ligurian sea, with knotted details in Margarita green and a fuchsia pink strap. Whether for a summer holiday or a day in the Mediterranean sun. The RIO is lightweight and vibrant – just like summer! Alexandra prefers it for beach trips or city tours. In particular, the bright straps and knots give it a fun twist.
Why it’s a Top Pick: It’s light, bright and breezy, and perfect for carefree days out and vacations.

VERONA Backpack: Chic and Casual for Everyday work or play

Cool and Casual, The VERONA Backpack is sleek yet laid-back. Elisa finds it perfect for work, leisure and also summer weekend trips. The bag’s bright details give it stand out flair. Elisa loves the soft folds of the design which is complimented by ample pockets, and adjustable straps. In addition, the LIGURIA summer brights that feature on exterior pockets give it a chic yet casual style, making it perfect for those on-the-go moments.
Why it’s a Top Pick: It’s durable, roomy yet practical, sophisticated and smart. It’s perfect for hands free exploring whether it be pounding the city streets or walking in the woods.

KYOTO Medium Backpack/Messenger: The Multi-Functional Choice

The KYOTO bag switches styles in a snap. Federica particularly loves its colour and how it changes from backpack to cross body messenger or shoulder bag in a flash. It’s also tech-friendly with its padded pocket. A blend of style and function, the KYOTO backpack/messenger is a hit. Federica is particularly drawn to its versatility. Whether worn as a backpack, cross-body, or shoulder bag, the refreshing blue and LIGURIA summer brights make it unmistakably MYWALIT. With ample pockets and adjustable straps, it’s a go-to for many.

Why it’s a Top Pick: super adaptable! It’s stylish, handy, and great for those on-the-go.

Dive into the Ligurian Dream with MYWALIT

Every bag in the LIGURIA collection offers a unique blend of design, function, and Italian inspiration. Whether you’re prepping for a summer trip or just looking for a new accessory to uplift your wardrobe, MYWALIT’s Liguria Collection promises to deliver.

MYWALIT’s Liguria bags offer style and function. So, which Liguria bag will you fall in love with? Jump in and find your summer favourite!

So, if you have a MYWALIT favourite from our LIGURIA collection, We’d love to see how you style it! Share a photo of your MYWALIT bag on Instagram with the hashtag #smileformywalit and then tag us @MYWALIT world. Additionaly, every month, we’ll feature our favourites and youll receive a 20% discount to spend on your next purchase at!

Dive into the Ligurian dream and let the world see your style.

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