Autumn Indulgences

After the bright and bold colours of summer, this season we’ve shifted towards warm, richer tones for fall and winter with our brand new colour Cacao.

We were inspired by the restorative and cosy theme of this season, which evokes indulgent evenings, like fireside chats with friends over a mug of rich, hot chocolate.

After all, few things feel more indulgent than chocolate, right? But where does this fascination with cocoa come from? In order to create our irresistible new colour Cacao, we at MYWALIT decided to do our research.

A brief history of Cacao

The word cocoa comes from the Spanish word ‘Cacao’. The crop was cultivated by ancient South American cultures, most famously by the Aztecs and Mayans. In fact, cocoa has been used in different cultures all over the world for centuries. But it wasn’t only used as food. According to the World Cocoa Foundation, these beans had some serious value.

“The cacao bean was so significant to the local cultures that it was used as a currency in trade, given to warriors as a post-battle reward, and served at royal feasts.”

With the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors who quickly realised the value of the cacao plants, cocoa soon became popular in Europe as the delicious hot chocolate drink we know and love. It was so popular, in fact, that it quickly grew to be considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

Later on, cocoa butter was added to make solid chocolate and a few years later, the technique was perfected to create chocolates with flavoured fillings, called pralines. Today, one of the most famous pralines is made in Italy in Perugia, also known as the ‘city of chocolate’. It’s known as the ‘bacio’, meaning ‘kiss’.

Postcards from MYWALIT

From our very first store in the old Roman amphitheatre in Lucca, Tuscany, the cities of our native Italy have been a constant source of inspiration for us at MYWALIT.

We’ve journeyed the length of the country to create our original colourways – from Olive to Chianti – not to mention our bag collections, ranging all the way from northern Bergamo to southernmost Siracusa.

Look out for postcards from more iconic cities this season as we introduce our complete Autumn-Winter collection!

New season, new style

New Cacao is a luscious mix of cocoa, chocolate and hazelnut browns with a pop of powerful orange that’ll add some spice to this fall season.

Coming soon online, you can also look forward to new streamlined wallet styles, and our range of Elefante embossed wallet, featuring a playful pattern of, you guessed it, our lucky elephant logo.

Let us know what you think of the latest addition to the MYWALIT world of colour, and join the community online! Tag us in your MYWALIT accessorised outfits with the hashtag #mywalitstyle.