Celebrating Five Years of Colour and Craftsmanship at MYWALIT Firenze

In 2009, Emmanuel embarked on a remarkable journey with MYWALIT, marking the beginning of an enduring relationship that would eventually lead him to own the very store he helped open. This April 18th, we celebrate the MYWALIT Firenze Anniversary, marking five vibrant years since its doors first opened under Emmanuel’s leadership.

A Blend of Cultures and Colours

Emmanuel’s initial step into MYWALIT was as a store assistant in our first Florence store. Drawn to the brand’s radiant colours and impeccable Italian craftsmanship. Not knowing much about the brand at first didn’t stop him from falling in love with our ethos. He was particulaty inspired by the diversity within our team. His unique background brought a fresh zest to MYWALIT, blending Mexican passion with Italian elegance.


A New Chapter in Firenze

Transitioning from an employee to the franchise owner in 2019, Emmanuel took over the Florence store with a clear vision. He aimed to create a shopping experience that not only sold products but also celebrated life’s colourful moments. Emmanuel has created dedicated team in Virginia and Michela. Together, they’ve succeeded in making every visit memorable; helping customers find just the right pop of colour to brighten their everyday lives.

Drawing Inspiration from the World

Every MYWALIT product tells a story, something Emmanuel deeply resonates with. “Drawing inspiration from cities, nature, and the people around us, we offer variety and personality in each piece,” says Emmanuel. consequently, This philosophy is evident throughout the store. Each collection reflects the world’s beauty and the vibrancy of Florence itself.

An Integral Part of Florence’s Charm

Set in the historic heart of Florence, the MYWALIT shop is more than just a place to buy leather goods; it’s a gateway to the Tuscan experience. Emmanuel and his team use their multilingual skills to enhance this experience, offering tips on local cuisine and must-visit places, making every interaction memorable.

A Creative Haven

Emmanuel’s creative flair shines beyond sales. Additionally, the MYWALIT Firenze store features a stunning ceiling mural designed by Emmanuel’s sister. The decorated ceiling celebrates the global connections made in the shop and this artistic touch enhances the store’s atmosphere. Meanwhile, carefully curated displays of plants and unique gifts from around the world showcase the store’s commitment to beauty and inspiration.

A Personal Touch: Q&A with Emmanuel

As we celebrate five years of MYWALIT Firenze, we caught up with Emmanuel to share some personal highlights and preferences.

Q: Can you share a memorable customer story?

Emmanuel: “The connections made here are unforgettable. Especially when customers return just to share their joy for a product they purchased years ago. Each visit and kind word from our community truly warms my heart.”

Q: What’s your favourite MYWALIT colourway and the shop’s bestseller?

Emmanuel: “I’ve always been partial to Black Pace for its classic elegance. Our customers however love the vibrant colours of Seascape, Liguria or Copababana for small accessories. However, they prefer richer tones like Royal for larger items. The choice really varies with the season and personal taste.”

Q: What stands out from the new VIOLA collection?

Emmanuel: “The round coin purse with the elephant logo is my top pick. For instance, it’s perfectly sized, stylish, and makes an ideal gift.”

Join Us in Celebration

These insights from Emmanuel reflect the personal connections and vibrant spirit at MYWALIT Firenze. So, as we mark this special milestone, we invite you to explore the unique stories Emmanuel’s Firenze store offers. Experience the colourful adventures and vibrant craftsmanship firsthand.

Visit MYWALIT Firenze, to congratulate Emmanuel on his anniversary and discover your own favourite from the MYWALIT collection. Whether revisiting a beloved classic or finding a new gem, there’s always something special to experience.