Viola: Mywalit’s SS24 Collection – A Burst of Fresh spring Colour.

Welcome to the World of Viola

Spring, with nature’s new shoots, buds, and blooms, not only signals new beginnings but also unveils VIOLA, Mywalit’s SS24 Collection. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary through a celebration of colour. Inspired by our muse, Viola, this collection joyfully combines style and practicality. With intense, soft brights designed to bring happiness into your everyday life.

The Inspiration Behind Viola SS24.

Viola, more than just a name, embodies our commitment to enhancing everyday life with bursts of joy and colour. Furthermore, our SS24 palette is a testament to this philosophy, boasting calming greens like Lily and Rosemary, soft Rouge pink, and tranquil Lavender. Additionally, rich, resonant shades of Pitch and Caribbean Blue add depth. Finally, we choose these colours intentionally, making thoughtful selections that embody the spirit of joy and uplifting vibrancy.

Design Meets Functionality

At Mywalit, we believe that your daily accessories should not only look good but also serve a purpose. Handbags in the Viola Collection feature considerate pockets for essential storage. While wallets offer secure compartments, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship in every detail for functionality. Our accessories seamlessly integrate into your daily life, thus transforming every moment into a savored experienceCraftsmanship and Quality

Craftsmanship and Quality

Our partnerships with LWG silver and gold-certified leather suppliers guarantee our accessories’ quality, durability, and elegance. Mindfully Designed in Lucca, Italy, and crafted with unmatched quality in Vietnam and Thailand! Our pieces add brightness and joy daily, while also embracing ethical practices and sustainability. Our quality control is second to none.

Why Viola Stands Out

The Viola Collection is an invitation to enjoy life’s pleasures through the vibrant lens of Mywalit. It’s a call to explore a world where design, craftsmanship and colour converge. We create accessories that don’t just accompany you but enhance your everyday moments.

With Viola, we bring our rich heritage of colour and quality to your daily carry, promising accessories that are as joyful as they are practical.

Celebrate the Viola Collection with us, where Mywalit’s SS24 range brings joy through its colours and designs. Embrace the happiness the Viola Collection offers and let it inspire joy in every moment of your day.