How we’re discovering a brighter Autumn

I think we can all agree, it’s been a crazier year than most, now with the tentative hope that we’re moving towards a brighter Autumn. Living through the pandemic has brought ups, downs and apathetic periods of ‘meh’. In the ups, we took up new hobbies (cold water swimming, anyone?) and tried to focus on our mental health by making self-care a priority.

Many of us reconsidered our daily habits and decided to change things up, or re-discovered old pleasures that we had left behind. In the downs we stayed in bed, muddled through the day, or dealt with emotional upheaval.

A New York Times article suggests that the ‘meh’ feeling many are experiencing as we move away from social restrictions could become the dominant emotion of 2021. And as it turns out, there’s a name for it: languishing.

In his article, Adam Grant describes the phenomenon of languishing as “the neglected middle child of mental health”, where you feel neither depressed nor energised. It is an in-between state where there is simply an absence of well-being.

So how can we combat this feeling and move towards a brighter Autumn?

“Finding new challenges, enjoyable experiences and meaningful work are all possible remedies to languishing”.

These can be simple activities, from setting yourself small daily goals to picking up a new skill. Visual changes are great stimulators too, such as incorporating more colour into your wardrobe.

We at MYWALIT are great believers in the positive power of colour. Adding something bold and bright or soothing and subtle to your ensemble can set the tone for your day, or give it a well-needed lift!

In the spirit of changing things up and re-discovering a brighter Autumn season, the first thing we’ve done is introduce two new fiery colours to our classic collection.

We took inspiration from our heritage, Italian design, with a tribute to the iconic Postmodern Italian architects and designers from Milan. This era is best known for elaborate redesigns of everyday furniture. Pieces were reinvented with new colours and materials in bold, brave, individual and inspiring ways.

This award-winning work and original use of clashing colours inspired our two new colourways for Autumn-Winter 2021/22, Vesuvio and Fumo.

Fire Up Your Fall

Vesuvio is a fiery combination of cardinal red, dark cyan and bright yellow.

For style that’s smokin’

Fumo’s rich smokey grey is accentuated by popping tones of orange and red.

These two new colourways, inspired by some of the greatest Italian designers are sure to help discover a brighter Autumn.

For an extra energising spark to the colder months, we’ve also updated our Men’s range. You’ll find our best-loved existing colours, as well as some brand new creations.

Dark and Daring ‘Notte’

Mysterious, as the night can be, sleek and striking. Our powerful new Notte colour combines classic tailoring shades to perfectly complement both a sharp suit or casual jeans. The midnight blue, deep grey, and powerful army green are energised by a hint of electric blue; the signature mywalit twist to a classic combination.

Bright Like Burano

Next up is Burano, which hit the shelves last year in our classic collection and just as quickly jumped off them! Inspired by the iridescent Italian island of the same name near Venice, Burano is an instant mood-lifter. With its striking black backdrop, it’s a playful twist on our classic Black Pace and channels the same cheerful state of mind.

Chocolate + Cacao

Cacao is another winning addition to our Men’s range with its smooth mix of cocoa, chocolate and hazelnut browns, together with a pop of powerful orange for that essential touch of autumn. It says professional and playful. Learn more about taking your look from ‘thrown together’ to put-together with our men’s guide to colour.

Classic Black

Proving our pieces aren’t just about colour, but quality, we have our classic all-black colourway. Here, the craftsmanship and signature double needle stitch are allowed to shine within sleek design.

Which colourway catches your eye? What would you like to see from us next? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.