The Mywalit Foundation

Founded in 2017, The Foundation was setup to support general charitable purposes, giving grants to the elderly, young, disabled and disadvantaged. Focussed on international development and humanitarian issues. Our mission is to work with projects that lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries.

Our Priorities

We like to make grants which will make a difference; preference will be given to charities or projects that address the challenges of poverty, education, health and the conservation of the natural environment. We are particularly interested in hearing about projects within developing countries.

Projects will be be considered if they are able to provide formal education – teaching vocational skills to enhance the chances of employment, improving self reliance and health awareness.

We want to hear from projects that have been setup to support disaster relief, and that provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis or in the midst of global pandemics.

Grant Application Process

As a small foundation we accept and review grant applications on a fluid and flexible bases. The granting of funds will be done on an adhoc bases and is at the discretion of the trustees who meet periodically to discuss our aims and priorities.

Contact us

Registration number: 1173973
Governing document: CIO – FOUNDATION Registered 27 Jul 2017

Grant applications and enquiries can be sent by email to

Projects we support

Good Samaritans Association in Romania – Are supporting the Ukraine humanitarian crisis. They are helping, amongst other things, by providing emergency kits for the refugees (small enough for them to carry), warm clothes (it’s icy cold and many mums left with whatever they could carry for their children but not for them) and toiletries, nappies etc for the refugees camps.

Safe Child Thailand – Founded in 1982, Safe Child’s vision for children in Thailand is one where they can lead healthy, successful lives, living with a family which offers a loving home. Currently, this is not the case for thousands of children living in Thailand. They aim to strengthen families and community support services to enable children to reach their potential, providing them with access to life-saving services and helping them to realise their rights.

Evergreen Africa – The charity is dedicated to the prevention or relief of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Their aim is to help relieve poverty through three main development areas: 1) Health: Training health workers and providing medical facilities and equipment 2) Education: Establishing and supporting schools, teachers and other staff 3) Income-Generation: Helping local people to establish and maintain a source of income.

Vietnamese Mental Health Service – The Vietnamese Mental Health Project was established in 1989, following a 2 year research (1987-89) on mental health problems amongst refugees from Vietnam resettled in London. Since then, the Project has developed to its present stage, employed 10 workers, providing services to people from Vietnam with mental health difficulties and their families living in the UK. From 1995 the Project has changed its name to Vietnamese Mental Health Services (VMHS).

Seed International Fund Trust – SIFT seeks to bring hope to the poor of Nicaragua, Central America, through projects in health, education, and housing.